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Spathose unique accessories are made from organic material that incorporates a distinctive industrial edge.

Whether your looking for men's jewelry  or a woman's handbag, you have come to the right place. Artisan designed and handcrafted for that unique piece sure to make you stand out in the crowd!

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Scott Durfee and George Medeiros have been business partners for the past 25 years.

​Originally, from New England, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we began our design company with an emphasis on rehab and interior design. Upon moving to Saint Petersburg, Florida, via Philadelphia, our focus shifted to the purchasing of run down properties. We transformed these houses into livable works of art with the use of color, creativity, and design. We worked closely with the area Neighborhood Associations to combat crime while promoting the communities. Since the real estate crash, we have had to re-invent ourselves once again, while continuing to maintain our working relationship within the area neighborhoods. We have combined our talents and passion for the arts to create our modern version of “Fine Organic Art.”

Our transition from fine artists to fashion designers was as graceful and seamless as our unique accessory designs. Our work transcends the realm of ordinary style by forging fine art with fashion, thus conceiving more than an accessory; we have given rise to wearable sculpture.
Working with sustainable, organic material infused with an industrial edge, these pieces truly unify our vision for a fashion forward approach to design.

Essentially self-taught, our passion has always centered on the arts and believe that art comes from within one’s core and that essence cannot be learned but must be nurtured. The interest in our chosen medium came about with the move to Florida. 
Our primary source of material comes from the palm spathe; the fibrous, woody bract surrounding the inflorescence or flower of the palm. The spathe, with its majestic yet simple form, immediately captivated our artistic spirit. Normally found on the roadside or trash heap, we believed this magnificent, natural form deserved rescue and respect. 
​Always conscious of the environment, we sought out ways to recycle this natural gem and it quickly became our muse for creating unique sculptures. We have also thought outside the boundaries of the medium as sculpture and transformed it into a wearable form.