After these few years, we listened to our clients and customers to focus our attention to details that were important to them. Size, weight, the comfort of the strap or grip…all these things that truly make a purse functional. Our mission was to be able to address these insights, like will my IPhone fit, while still maintaining our design esthetic. We believe that balance has been obtained and we have also been able to progress in our development of purse lines for the wholesale market! Each is still a one-of-a-kind piece, but we can recreate the essence of that purse in multiples. This will allow our brand a much broader reach in the accessories market.
We began creating these fashion art purses in response to a request from Sarasota to sell fashion items in their boutique to compliment the outfit we were showcasing in the ICONCEPT 2011 runway show. The vessel and function was a priority that we set for ourselves. Using the organic material was a challenge, as was the function and closures. Working within the restraints of green, recycled, and found objects; we found a successful balance. The organic purses made their first unveiling at CraftArt 2010 to an enthusiastic audience. Most of these purses in Series 1 have sold, less the few we retain in our private collection. 


Peace Couture 2011

architeXture 2013 

Spring 2012 

The Collection 2014 

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Series One 2010 

Series Two 2011 

Series Three 2011 


Now that we had successfully mastered the function, we wanted to explore the sculptural qualities that the medium afforded us. Mindful of function, we pushed the boundaries, manipulating the organic and the industrial to create wearable sculpture. We introduced new materials and processes, experimented with finishes, and expanded the common idea of what a purse could look like. Again, our hard work was wildly triumphant! We were quite prolific in this series, but the few remaining are in our private collection. We then decided to do a themed series called The Persistence of Purses.
The sole inspiration of this series is based on our appreciation of the works of Salvador Dali. We did not elucidate specific works, but interpreted the overall sensation we experienced with respect to his art. We experimented with twisted forms and images, unusual embellishments and closures, and the juxtaposition of diverse tactile elements. We do not profess to be as clever as Dali, but we are delighted with that series title!


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