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Spathose unique accessories are made from organic material that incorporates a distinctive industrial edge.

Whether your looking for men's jewelry  or a woman's handbag, you have come to the right place. Artisan designed and handcrafted for that unique piece sure to make you stand out in the crowd!

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Spathose can work with your brand or organization 

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We can design a tag necklace for your needs or simply sell our already popular designs!‚Äč

We currently work with these fine Non-Profits!

  • Raise Funds for your Non-Profit!
  • Small footprint, Big impact!
  • Increase revenues at your business!
  • Great affordable price point! 
  • Offer unique, sustainable hand-crafted items! 
  • Wholesale & Consignment (non-profit)

to create something uniquely yours!

We are currently working with non-profit organizations  to raise funds for their missions. These specially designed tag necklaces and display box take up a small footprint but have a large impact! Imagine what we can do for your business as well!