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We are honored to have been named a finalist In Martha Stewart's American Made. We need your support now more than ever! It's easy and it's free! We just need you to VOTE! You are able to vote 6 times a day, each and every day until Oct 13th! Please share this with your friends, we need to get the word out in order to win!

The prize package for winning Martha Stewart American Made is valued about $20K, so 25% goes to taxes leaving roughly $5k in cash… Scott had a great idea (I don't admit that often!) When (notice I didn't say IF!) When we win, we would take that cash and buy art from local artists! Well that in itself would be great for us, but the really cool part is taking that art and then having an auction to benefit a local arts nonprofit (Once we win, any arts nonprofit can submit to be the beneficiary!) Talk about WIN/WIN/WIN We always try and support our community in any way possible, so this just makes sense (what doesn't make sense, is why we didn't think of this sooner!)

Now there is even a greater reason to be voting and voting daily! Your 6 votes daily will be supporting Spathose, many local artist that will have works purchased at full price, and a local arts nonprofit that will benefit from the proceeds of an art auction! Talk about multi-tasking raising your karma points to the tenth degree! Please VOTE and VOTE daily!

1. Register to vote at Spathose American Made Martha Stewart profile page. Here is the link: http://www.marthastewart.com/americanmade/nominee/88011/style/spathose

2. To register your email, click the vote button from my profile page and you will be directed to a sign in page. On this page, you must click on the REGISTER button. Enter your email and make up a password of any kind. Don't try to sign in without registering as it will not work.

3. You can vote 6 times a day from now until October 13th.
The registration can be tricky for some but simple for others. Once you are registered, clicking the vote button 6 times under our profile page should take a combined 20 seconds. So, simply register and click vote 6 times/day until October 13th!

Please take the time to view our profile on Martha Stewart American Made 2014 & cast your votes, up to 6 times daily! We appreciate your continued support!







Spathalicious: A Retrospective

A Great Success! Thank You all for coming out to view our first Solo Exhibition!

Scott Durfee and George Medeiros are the creative team behind the innovative brand called Spathose. The transition from fine artists to fashion designers was as graceful and seamless as their unique accessory designs. Their work transcends the realm of ordinary style by forging fine art with fashion, thus conceiving more than an accessory; they have given rise to wearable sculpture.

Working with sustainable, organic material infused with an industrial edge, these pieces truly unify their vision for a fashion forward approach to design. Their primary source of material comes from the palm spathe; the fibrous, woody bract surrounding the inflorescence or flower of the palm.

Like nature itself, ever evolving, their wearable sculpture progress with every new deconstruction, devise, and design to create an innovative attitude that bonds fashion, art, and up-cycling.