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Contemporary Mixed Media Sculpture

Being structurally observational, has uniquely impacted my thoughts of creativity.
The maturing nature of my evolution developed a fluid pattern to see the flaws in a process. This has given rise to my inner self-evaluation, causing contradictory stumbling blocks in my own ingenuity. Representation of my intentions sometimes misunderstood, inspires me with the ability to combine miscellaneous elements giving birth to my opposition. Hence my inspiration is derived from the amalgamation of an overly enthusiast, ever-transpiring blurred vision of how I see things in my environmentally friendly world

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Organic Ingenuity

Working with organic mediums, incorporating  seed pods, branches, and spathe, awakens my nurtured sense of security. Organic is part of my encouragement,  deflecting the lamenting reflections of my abusive childhood. 

Spathe [speythe] a large woody bract that surrounds the inflorescence of flower)

The function of the spathe is to protect the flowers.

Spathe is the guardian of scrutinizing unraveling thoughts from being verbally and physically abused.

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Rectifying  Passion

 Sparking the galvanizing energy to connect, along with the strength of the hard edge, is relevant in the serendipity of the found metal components.  These once functional, industrial, sometimes metallic objects are metaphors that symbolize the randomness of human interaction. The metallic connectors are the nuts and bolts binding the creative concept together, providing the reassurance of a trusted relationship...    

Quote... My father with a clenched fist holding my head back by my long hair just before he repeatedly stuck me in the face.  “ YOU WILL NEVER AMOUNT TO MUCH, WHY WON”T YOU LEARN,THAT! “ 

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Image 2nd largest KICK STARTER in Tampa Bay 2013

The Founders of the Spathose creative thought process are Scott Durfee and George Medeiros. 
Originally from New England, they began their design company with an emphasis on rehab and interior design. Combining talents and passion for the arts and  creating their modern version of “Fine Organic Art.” Essentially self-taught, their passion has always centered on the arts and believe that art comes from within one’s core and that essence cannot be learned but must be nurtured. The interest in their chosen medium came about with the move to Florida. The palm spathe, with its majestic yet simple form, immediately captivated their artistic spirit. Normally found on the roadside or trash heap, they believed this magnificent, natural form deserved rescue and respect. Always conscious of the environment, they sought out ways to recycle this natural gem and it quickly became their muse for creating unique artwork and while thinking outside the boundaries, transforming it into wearable sculpture. Like nature itself, ever evolving, their works progress with every new deconstruction, devise, and design to create an innovative approach that bonds recycling with art.

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