Team Spathose

There are no limits to a creative imagination! Team Spathose loves designing and are so grateful to be doing what we do!  Everything and everyone that we observe can be a catalyst for a new design. We are always thinking about new innovations to our work. The medium itself offers so much vision. The application of metal to fashion the pieces, generates their aesthetically distinctive expression, where form does indeed follow function. Containing elements of surprise and jeopardy, the abstract forms are designed via a “conversation” with artist and medium. We love talking with others about their passions and aspirations. Our hope is that people find our story inspiring and follow their hearts down the path to their dreams!


Working with sustainable, organic material infused with an industrial edge, these pieces truly unify our vision for a fashion forward approach to design.The primary source of material comes from the palm spathe; the fibrous, woody bract surrounding the inflorescence or flower of the palm. 
Like nature itself, ever evolving,the artistic progress advances with every new deconstruction, devise, and design to create an innovative attitude that bonds fashion, art,  and up-cycling. 
. The palm spathe, with its majestic yet simple form, immediately captivated their artistic spirit. Normally found on the roadside or trash heap, the team believed this magnificent, natural form deserved rescue and respect. Always conscious of the environment, they sought out ways to recycle this natural gem and it quickly became the muse for creating unique sculptures. They have also thought outside the boundaries of the medium as sculpture and transformed it into a wearable form.



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