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I Am...

I am... Human.

That being said, all humans have an innate desire to assign labels in order to organize and identify things. However, those labels don’t always define or reflect our true personalities.  In fact, these societal stamps often distort our perceptions and can actually encourage prejudice. We are a sum of our parts, as the old saying goes, and simple classifications cannot truly describe the intensity of our individuality.

We explore this concept through our continued work with organic materials juxtaposed with found manufactured objects. These pieces depict facets of our being, labels as it were, but each is just a portion of our totality. The human spirit is much too complex to be distilled into one emotion, one characteristic. The truth is this exhibition of work is too small to fully express our complete personas. We in a sense have put constraints on ourselves and have chosen only certain labels that appeal to us, thus we have fallen victim to the one thing we meant to highlight…but then again, we’re only … human.

Solo Exhibition 2018 @ the ArtXchange

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