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Spathe 2015

This exhibition investigates the character of spathe, but most suggestively, the ambivalent relationship the viewer has with the medium. Described by most as nuisance yard debris, the palm spathe has almost become indistinguishable from the everyday landscape by most Floridians. Scattered, tattered, & forgotten this majestic form has been resurrected by the artists in pursuit of procuring its place among the most prominent of artistic mediums.

Exploring the mask form allows the artists to manipulate the sustainable material into ways not previously thought of for such a rigid & crude material. They have obscured almost every trace of its natural form to an ambiguous, yet familiar substance making the viewer question its origins. This exhibit examines our ability as humans to insentiently dismiss our surroundings, turning a blind eye to our own environments. Like a mask itself, disguising the wearer, this medium masquerades itself in plain view. Recycled, repurposed, and renewed, Spathe is a truly indigenous, sustainable material that evokes the essence of Florida. Most viewers have no idea what spathe is, but after learning, they cannot ever see one and not summon the image of Spathose.

Solo Exhibition at the Cory Allan Gallery

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